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My purpose in writing the entries is to establish a precise meaning for the words of common, everyday speech.

In the last thirty years or so I have written thirty or more philosophical books, intended for the general public, men and women whose special vocation is not philosophy but who nevertheless regard philosophizing to be everybody's business. Unlike the works of professors of philosophy who write books and journal articles for other professors to read, these books have been written for everyone to read. In writing them, I have tried to avoid all technical jargon, all words not in the vocabulary of everyday speech.

Unfortunately, many of the words in that vocabulary are used in many senses, most of them imprecise, wrong, or inadequate. It becomes necessary to give these ordinary words the precision they should have when they are used for philosophical purposes.

I refer, wherever necessary, to the books I have written that at greater length make the points under consideration.

The lists of Recommended Readings refer first to selections from Great Books of the Western World. The authors and books recommended are set down in the chronological order in which they appear in the volumes of that set of books. In addition, I have recommended in each case the reading of other works--works not included in the set, but of great relevance to the problems being considered in the particular section.

--Mortimer J. Adler

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Absolute and Relative | Abstract and Concrete | Analogical Speech | Analytic and Synthetic Judgments | Anarchy | Angels | Appearance, see Reality and Appearance | Art | Autonomy | Beatitude | Beauty | Being | Belief | Capitalism and Socialism, see also Communism and Socialism | Casuistry | Cause, see Certainty and Probability | Certainty and Probability | Chance, see Certainty and Probability | Change | Charity, see Faith, Hope, and Charity | Choice, see Certainty and Probability | Citizen | Civil Disobedience | Civil Rights, see Rights, Natural and Civil | Classes, Kinds | Coercion and Duress | Cognition | Common Good | Communism and Socialism, see also Capitalism and Socialism | Concrete, see Abstract and Concrete | Constitution | Contemplation | Continence and Incontinence | Custom and Convention | Democracy | Dogmatism | Duress, see Coercion and Duress | Duty | Education | Emotion | Ends and Means | Equality and Inequality | Equivocal Speech, see Analogical Speech | Eternity | Evolution | Expediency, see Justice and Expediency | Faith, Hope, and Charity | Fraternity | Friendship, see Fraternity | God | Good and Evil | Government | Happiness | Heaven and Hell | Hierarchy | History | Honor | Hope, see Faith, Hope, and Charity | Human Nature and Nurture | Idea | Imagination, see Memory and Imagination | Immortality | Inequality, see Equality and Inequality | Infinity | Justice and Expediency | Kinds, see Classes, Kinds | Knowledge | Labor | Language | Law | Leisure | Liberal Arts | Liberty | Love | Machine | Man | Matter | Medicine | Memory and Imagination | Metaphysics | Natural Rights, see Rights, Natural and Civil | Nature, Human, see Human Nature and Nurture | Nominalism | Nurture, see Human Nature and Nurture | Objective and Subjective | Opinion | Peace, see War and Peace | Philosophy | Pleasure and Pain | Poetry | Private Property | Progress | Property, see Private Property | Punishment | Reality and Appearance | Relative, see Absolute and Relative | Religion | Representation | Rights, Natural and Civil | Science | Sense | Sin | Socialism, see Capitalism and Socialism, and see Communism and Socialism | Soul | Speech, see Analogical Speech | Spirit | State | Subjective, see Objective and Subjective | Synthetic Judgments, see Analytic and Synthetic Judgments | Taste, see Truth and Taste | Theology | Time | Totalitarianism | Truth and Taste | Univocal Speech, see Analogical Speech | Vice, see Virtue and Vice | Virtue and Vice | War and Peace | Will | World | World Government, see War and Peace

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Adapted from
Adler's Philosophical Dictionary
Great Ideas from the Great Books
by Mortimer J. Adler

Revised 13 January 2002.